The Polycraft Re-Manufactured RAP2 is going back to the roots of Glascraft Probler gun (GAP-Pro).

The GAP-Pro gun was restated into Gusmers GAP-gun and later named PMC's AP-2 gun.

The GAP-Pro gun is still available as a Graco original gun and is one of the all-time favourites of many sprayers and has less parts and O-rings than other air-purged guns.


Same is with Polycrafts new and Re-Manufactured RAP2-gun which is built with Polycraft manufactured brand parts and is still one of the finest spray guns.

All parts are interchangable with the OEM GAP-Pro gun.


As Option Polycraft RAP2 has Extension-Adapter part for Pour/Injection into cavities.

Advantages of Polycraft RAP2-gun:

  • light weight
  • compact design
  • direct or indirect heated-whip-hose connection
  • easy to clean A- an B-filters
  • hardened steel and speciality coated mixing chambers
  • side seals for long lasting performance
  • simply disassemble and low maintenance
  • one of the best guns in the industry

Mixing chambers:


3G296848-round 02

Injection-Adapter for POUR/INJECTION


output: min. 2kg / 4,4lbs / min

              max. 18kg / 39lbs / min


working pressure: max. 3000 psi / 207 bar

air-pressure:           100 – 125 psi / 7-9 bar

weight:                     1,2 kg / 2,6 lb

fig. 1: RAP2-Gun

fig. 3: RAP2 Gun Spec.:

Material: Ball valves (easy and quick shut-off) instead of manual valves
Air: Ball valves (easy and quick disconnecting) instead of air adapter

fig. 2: Mixing chamber, 01 and 02

fig. 4: RAP2-Gun A/C