Polycraft is involved with PUR-Materials, PUR-Machinery and PUR-Application as well as PUR-Recycling since more than 25 years.


All Guns and Replacement Parts for Polyurea and Foam Equipment (RAP2) are Made in Germany.


Having been former Distributor for Gusmer Corp. and Gusmer Europe since 1975 Polycraft noticed designes, development and enhancement of Spray Guns such like former Gusmer D-gun, AR125 + 250 Guns, GX7 Version Guns as well as Gracos and PMC's and Gamas Mixing Heads.


All common for spraying PUR or POLYUREA is the Impingement-Mixing-Technology to mix materials inside the gun.

The basic purging systems for PUR- and Polyurea-Spray offered by the mentioned manufacturers are 'mechanical-purge' or 'air-purge'.

It is to understand that once the two materials come together inside the gun to mix they begin to react immediately as they mix and exit the spray gun.

Purging and exit -either 'mechanical' or by 'air'- secures, that the material will not set up and harden inside to the gun.


Mechanical purge: A valving rod inside the mixing chamber opens or closes the two chemical parts when the gun is triggered or released.


Air purge: Air purge guns work similar to mechanical mixing guns in opposition they purge the material from mixing chamber using a quick and solid and permanent blast of air.


Polycraft is proud to announce its first spray gun, an air-purge gun called PC-RAP2-Gun.

The RAP2 is a high performance gun which meets the needs of spray applicators for PUR or Polyurea.


Same is with distribution of the BOSS-AP-Gun, a new gun which incorporates different ideas from different guns to be seen in the industry.


As option an adapter for RAP2 is available for extension for POUR/INJECTION applications.