Polycraft is involved with PUR-Materials, PUR-Machinery and PUR-Application as well as PUR-Recycling since more than 30 years.


All Guns and Replacement Parts are for PUR Spray- and Polyurea Applications.


Having been former Distributor for Gusmer Corp. and Gusmer Europe since 1975 Polycraft noticed designes, development and enhancement of Spray Guns such like former Gusmer D-gun, AR125 + 250 Guns, GX7 Version Guns as well as Gracos and PMC's and Gamas Mixing Heads.


All common for spraying PUR or POLYUREA is the Impingement-Mixing-Technology to mix Materials inside the Gun.

The basic purging systems for PUR- and Polyurea-Spray offered by the mentioned manufacturers are 'mechanical-purge' or 'air-purge'.

It is to understand that once the two materials come together inside the gun to mix they begin to react immediately as they mix and exit the spray gun.

Purging and exit -either 'mechanical' or by 'air'- secures, that the material will not set up and harden inside to the gun.


Mechanical purge: A valving rod inside the mixing chamber opens or closes the two chemical parts when the gun is triggered or released.


Air purge: Air purge guns work similar to mechanical mixing guns in opposition they purge the material from mixing chamber using a quick and solid and permanent blast of air.