Flexible extensions for heated Whip Hose (Gun Hose)

All Extensions -both ISO + POLY-side are of Teflonmaterial, 1/4"(NW 6), unheated, HP-max. 240 bar-3500 psi, very flexible and fit between the gun and whip (gun hose), encluding air-hose adapters. Individually lengths available.

fig.: 1: Extension, 45 cm (1 ft.)

fig.: 2: Extension, 90 cm (3 ft.)

fig.: 3: Extension, 3 mtr. (10 ft.)*

            Heated material hoses,

            3 mtr. / 10 ft. back on floor 

* 3 mtr./10 ft.: basically advantageous for PUR-spray application, both sides teflon extensions are very light, very flexible, plenty of spray applications can be handled by one sprayer and save one assistant. Heavy material hoses 3mtr/10ft keep back on floor, helpful at crawl and overhead applications (see fig. 5-8).

fig.: 5

fig.: 6

fig.: 7

fig.: 8